Thursday, 7 May 2015

Convert Server GUI Interface to Minimum Server Interface

Convert Server GUI Interface to Minimum Server Interface.

Steps to convert GUI Interface to Minimum Interface.

> Loging to the Windows 2012 Server with Administrator User.

> Click on Server Manager ikon to open Server Manager window.

> In Server Manager window click on Manage > Remove Roles and Features option.

> Click Next to continue.

> Select the option Select a server from the server pool than select the server from Server Pool list where you want to configure minimum interface. Click Next to continue.

> Click Next button to continue.

> Select User Interfaces and Infrastructure, And remove click from Server Graphical Shell option. Click Next to continue.

> Enable Restart the destination server automatically if required option, Just click on Check Box to enable the option.

> Click on Yes button to continue.


 >  Click on Remove button to uninstall the feature.

> Feature removal process is started now.

> Server automatically rebooted now.

 > In the following screen press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to sign in with Administrator id.

> After loging to the windows 2012 server with Administrator ID you will get the following screen.
One Command prompt and Server Manger minimise icon on the down left corner of the screen.

> Press Close button to finish Feature removal activity. Now Server is ready with Minimal Interface.

> If by any chance Server Manager window closed. Run the command servermanager in command prompt to open Server Manager tool.


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